Kerikeri Street Party (oh, and Half-Marathon)

Kerikeri came to a standstill yesterday for the event of the year. Two thousand two hundred people set off on the 21 (and a little bit) kilometre race which ended on Kerikeri domain, the winner completing the race in 1 hr 7 mins.

One man took up a challenge of eating one pie for every kilometre he ran, raising money for charity. He spent the last half of the race throwing up at the side of the road. Afterwards he said he wouldn’t be eating another pie. For at least a week…

There were so many Half-Marathon prizes – holidays, tents, golfclubs – that the prizegiving took over an hour. The audience, large enough to carpet the whole domain, was attentive at first, but, under the warm November sun, it wasn’t long before some were nodding off.

Afterwards, the main street was closed off. The food and wine stalls came out and the local bands started to tune up. By 6 pm you couldn’t move for people. Gorgeous smells filled the air, mixing with strains of Black Betty and Summertime, as the sun went down. I finished off the evening with Fat Pig wine (‘no pigs were harmed during the making of this”) and some plump meatballs with chilli dip from the Cafe Cinema stall.

The Search and Rescue Team – runner-up in the Group category
Sleepy runners struggle to stay awake for prizegiving


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