Is there a Ghost in Russell? Probably, yes!

New Zealand is probably the least spooky country I’ve ever been to. I have no trepidation walking through a dark wood. My heart does not beat that little bit faster if I have to walk into a room as dark as a coal pit.

I kind of miss that.

Though fairly down to earth, with a positive hatred of crystals and star signs, I’ve always had a strange reaction to spooky places. My eyes flicker. I can feel a tangible change in the air pressure. After moving to New Zealand, I thought I would never have that reaction again…

But then I walked into the little church at Russell (the oldest church in New Zealand), and it hit me. My eyes were flickering, the pressure was there, weighing down heavily. I found several excuses to stay there for a lot longer and, for the first time, enjoyed every second of that spooky feeling.

(More Russell posts coming up…. just because I love it)


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