Cafe (Counting) Culture

How many cafes?!

The new game in Kerikeri is ‘Count the Cafes’, simply because nobody can quite believe there are so many. Bear in mind that the population of Kerikeri is around 6,000 people.  And here we go (starting from the top and including any place where you can buy a coffee):

Cafe Blue

Pete’s Place

The Gallery

The Bakehouse

The one across the road from the Bakehouse (I always forget that one)

Cafe Cinema

L’il Beans



Adam and Eve

Posh Nosh

The Homestead

Cafe Zest




The Village

Cafe Jerusalem

The other Bakehouse



Cafe Neon

The New World Cafe


The Pear Tree

Rainbow Falls Cafe

I make that 26 cafes for a population of 6,000 (plus tourists in Summer). And I may have missed some. If every cafe has just over 20 chairs, that means, at any one time, 10% of Kerikeri could go for a coffee. It’s Cafe Culture gone mad. BUT – which is the best cafe? I’ll leave that for another day…

*** NOTE AUGUST 2013***

Four of the cafes listed above are now closed – Rainbow Falls Cafe has become a very good Thai Restaurant – and a few others from the list are for sale. Cafe Blue has moved to where Coco used to be. A new cafe has opened next to the Stone Store, but doesn’t seem to be very busy (maybe when summer comes?).



  1. Breaking News: ‘The one across the road from the Bakehouse’ seems to have closed down! Now, the new Countdown just opened today. Does that have a cafe? We have to maintain those figures…

  2. No cafe in Countdown, but Kerikeri is definitely a town of cafes, real estate agents and travel agencies (soon there will be 5 travel agencies on the main street)…

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