How to make your Sausage Sizzle – The Ultimate FAQ

It’s difficult to go out anywhere these days without eating a sausage.

Not that I’m complaining.

A quick flick through the local papers reveals a vast amount of ‘Sausage Sizzles’ to be had outside shops and at events all over Kerikeri. It is the ultimate temptation, so hard to resist. If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, here is a brilliant FAQ that I put together after receiving questions from all around the world.

I know what a sausage is, but what is a sizzle?

A barbecue. It’s what makes the sausage sizzle.

Just a sausage, then?

Oh no, there is bread too.

A finger roll?

No, just a slice of white, as cheap as possible, usually without butter. Though the sausage MUST be of good quality. ‘Churchills’ make the best sausages in Kerikeri, hands down.

Anything else?

Fried onions are optional. There are variations. At one particularly outstanding sausage sizzle outside the Warehouse, they had barely fried, soft ‘Pakeha’ (non-Maori) onions, or caramelised well-fried ‘Maori’ onions to choose from.

Sauce – ALWAYS ketchup.

Wow, such an amazing dish must be quite expensive.

No, a sausage sizzle costs a mere $2. Which is why, when you see a Sausage Sizzle, you always end up eating one. Even if you’ve only just had one. Or two 🙂

Is there a vegetarian option provided?

Yes! A slice of bread, some onions and a blob of ketchup!

Extra Facts!

–          The ultimate Sausage Sizzle in my mind was the one they held outside Churchills Butchers in Kerikeri. You went in to buy some sausages, then on your way out, if you provided your receipt, you could have a FREE Sausage Sizzle. Double sausage splendour!

–          Many Sausage Sizzles are arranged for charity. Etiquette dictates that it would be rude NOT to buy a Sausage Sizzle in such circumstances.



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