Christmas is coming! Wait… is that a palm tree?

I asked the lovely lady in the best bookshop in Kerikeri if she had any advent calendars. I told her I’d left it far too late because, not being able to wear hat/scarf/gloves due to 25 degree heat, it really doesn’t feel like Christmas.

“It will never feel like Christmas here,” she announced, looking glum.

But all that is about to change, nice bookshop lady…

Here is a photo from the Santa Parade (December 2nd, Kerikeri). Note the palm tree behind Santa. The unfailing blue of the summer sky. The scantily clad people – not a hat/scarf/glove in sight.


I wave my Christmassy Magic Wand…

…and Christmas comes to Kerikeri.


Right. Where did I put those mince pies?



  1. Hi Jo! Lovely photo. How did you do that?! (I’m hopeless at techonology of any type, belong in another age.
    I envy you. Rain here in Wales on the verge of sleet and a bitter wind here, turning up the heating a notch…

    I’m back on Facebook. But the website’s set up so that I still can’t discover how people give themselves pen names…

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