Won’t be needing these for a while…

Shoes…pah…Who needs them? It’s Summer in the Far North!

A long time ago – a hundred years ago in ‘Neighbours’ land – a girl called Kerri lived on Ramsay Street. She had a small daughter. I was amazed by them whenever they appeared on my TV screen back in England because they NEVER WORE SHOES (until Harold Bishop complained). This was a bizarre concept. I can’t remember if Kerri was from New Zealand, but she must have been. If you are/were a ‘Neighbours’ fan, feel free to enlighten me.

The Society of Barefoot Living says:

Having your feet free of confining, hot, sweaty shoes, open to the air and sunshine, able to wiggle your toes, able to feel the various textures and temperatures of surfaces as you walk, is wonderful! It is one life’s most simple pleasures and is part of what it means to be human.

My kids now refuse to wear shoes, even in the rain. They love it. Like 75% of their classmates, they go to school barefoot, they play soccer without shoes, and they can walk across gravel without wincing. Gravel may as well be hot coals to my feet, but I am resolving to try harder this summer. Then maybe I’ll be able to add my own shoes to the lampost.


One comment

  1. I never wear shoes if I can help it. My feet are as hard as nails. I seem to think Kerri from neighbours was a Kiwi, but may be wrong.

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