Two Knives and a Spoon

Finally. It’s Persimmon season in Kerikeri.

In honour of this auspicious season, here are four facts about this divine fruit:

1.   The Latin name ‘Diospyros’ actually means (in context), ‘Food of the Gods’.

2.   If you eat too many unripened, unpeeled Persimmons, you may end up with ‘phytobezoars’, or solid, woody food-balls, in the stomach. These are rare and can be dissolved with Coca-Cola!

3.   China produces the most Persimmons, currently a vast 2 million tonnes a year.

4.   And my favourite…. Persimmons can predict your Winter weather!

This last fact was BEGGING to be tested, and so I did. If you cut a persimmon seed in half, you’ll apparently see one of three things.

– a tiny knife shape, which predicts a winter that ‘cuts like a knife’

– a tiny fork shape, predicting a mild winter with ‘feathery snow’

– or a tiny spoon shape, the worst shape to find as it represents a snow shovel.

As you might expect from a Persimmon grown in the Winterless North, the results are confused. The Kerikeri Persimmon trees have never seen snow, not even the feathery kind. So we got two knives, one spoon, and one sitting on the fence, completely blank.

Aah, well. Now I’ve cut it open, it would be wasteful not to eat it!



    • Yep. It was probably a Sharon Fruit – like a big, fat, orange tomato. It’s the same family as a Persimmon, as is the Kaki. Apparently they all vary in astringency.

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