Small, Bare Feet and Happy, Wet Children

(published in Savvy Magazine, October 2013) In Northland, summer is never that far away. There are days in winter when shorts can be worn and windows opened. People still brave the winter sea,… Continue reading

This Little Piggy went to Market

(published in Savvy Magazine, September 2013) My husband visited the village of Okaihau the other day. He was walking past the local foodmarket when he heard a terrible commotion of squealing and shouting,… Continue reading

NZ Rules The Waves

(published in Savvy Magazine, August 2013) Take a look around next time you’re in a busy place. Those three people in the supermarket queue, for instance. According to statistics, one of them regularly… Continue reading

Land of the Long Flat White

(published in Savvy Magazine, July 2013) I still can’t get over how good the coffee in New Zealand is. It’s mostly sublime. And even the not-so-sublime coffees are pretty damn good. How did… Continue reading

Hide and Seek

(published in Savvy Magazine, May 2013) In an Animal Planet poll to find the World’s Favourite Animal, dolphins came third, flamboyantly somersaulting onto the list below tigers and dogs. That’s pretty impressive out… Continue reading

Safari in Mitimiti

From Kerikeri, drive west to Rawene and cross over on the ferry. Take the road that ends at Mitimiti, crossing vast landscapes of hills and forests, roaming stock and tiny settlements. Keep going… Continue reading

The Problems caused by New Zealand’s Furry Speedbumps

Is Possum Control Out of Control? If one of New Zealand’s thirty million possums runs across the road here, you are encouraged not to swerve, but to actively aim your wheels at it. Kids on long car… Continue reading

Two Knives and a Spoon

Finally. It’s Persimmon season in Kerikeri. In honour of this auspicious season, here are four facts about this divine fruit: 1.   The Latin name ‘Diospyros’ actually means (in context), ‘Food of the Gods’. 2.   If… Continue reading

The Cerealisation of New Zealand Biscuits

Today I’m writing about Afghans, amongst other things.  “Afghans?” I hear you say, “What, the people of Afghanistan, or those gorgeous Hounds with movie star hair?” Neither of those. I’m talking the serious Afghans.… Continue reading

Te Houtaewa and the Stolen Sack of Kumara

Marathons are amazing feats of endurance. The first ever ‘marathon’ – the one that began it all – was probably the most amazing. Legend has it that Pheidippides, a Greek messenger, ran from… Continue reading