R Tucker Thompson

I never understood the worship of the small, metal box that is the car. Give me a towering, majestic wooden ship anyday. That soft whisper of the bow-cut sea. The flap of the sails as… Continue reading

This has to be the smallest in the world, ever…

Enough of dead things… Time to celebrate the discovery of the World’s Smallest Lemon, found on my Kerikeri lemon tree. Now to make the World’s Smallest G&T.

Strange Things to Find on a Beach: Part Three

The sadness of this image was multiplied by a thousand when we first found the horse. The beach at the mouth of the Hokianga harbour was deserted, as always. We were the only people… Continue reading

A Hemingway Moment

Hemingway has long been my literary hero. As a teenager, I loved his sparse sentences, and the way he could craft emotional responses out of hard, unemotional language. A Farewell to Arms has one… Continue reading

Waitangi Day at Waitangi? Wai Not?

When we told the people around us that we were spending Waitangi Weekend at Waitangi we were universally greeted with a look of horror. “I’ll say goodbye now, then,” one friend said. “Why do… Continue reading

They’re at it again

People keep telling me how much Russell has changed since the days when it was known as the Hell Hole of the Pacific. But when I visited this weekend, I found it hard… Continue reading

What do people do for fun here?

At the local gift shop yesterday ( not the shop in the picture, which is a takeaway – zoom into that – I love the juxtaposition of the ‘Enjoy Fresh Cooking’ and the greasy… Continue reading

Just like Baywatch… but with Whales

(For the whippersnappers who have no idea what Baywatch was, follow this link and be amazed) Anyway, I stumbled across this amazing organisation today. Reading the paper, I discovered that 18 pilot whales… Continue reading

I Heart Hokianga

There is something amazing about this place. It’s feels familiar. It feels alien. It feels like home. It feels like nowhere you’ve ever been before. All at the same time. Of course, there… Continue reading

Something I Have Learnt the Wet Way

In Northland there are a lot of beautiful, empty beaches. Even if you are not planning to end up at one on your day out… you will. Even if the weather is so… Continue reading