Does it matter where you buy your groceries?

When we moved to Kerikeri there was only really one supermarket. ‘New World’ – a New Zealand supermarket. We are there, probably, three or four times a week because it’s just across town. Three… Continue reading

Won’t be needing these for a while…

Shoes…pah…Who needs them? It’s Summer in the Far North! A long time ago – a hundred years ago in ‘Neighbours’ land – a girl called Kerri lived on Ramsay Street. She had a small daughter.… Continue reading

The Only Place in New Zealand Charles Darwin liked…

Oh yes, the Father of Evolution hated the Land of the Long White Cloud: “I believe we were all glad to leave New Zealand. It is not a pleasant place,” he said. The Mission… Continue reading

Christmas is coming! Wait… is that a palm tree?

I asked the lovely lady in the best bookshop in Kerikeri if she had any advent calendars. I told her I’d left it far too late because, not being able to wear hat/scarf/gloves due to 25 degree heat, it… Continue reading

How to make your Sausage Sizzle – The Ultimate FAQ

It’s difficult to go out anywhere these days without eating a sausage. Not that I’m complaining. A quick flick through the local papers reveals a vast amount of ‘Sausage Sizzles’ to be had… Continue reading

Cafe (Counting) Culture

The new game in Kerikeri is ‘Count the Cafes’, simply because nobody can quite believe there are so many. Bear in mind that the population of Kerikeri is around 6,000 people.  And here we go… Continue reading

Create Your Very Own Hellhole (but without the stench)

In earlier times, Russell was known as ‘Kororareka’, which literally translates as ‘how sweet is the blue penguin’. This is not cute reference, as in “Aah, what a sweet penguin”, but refers to… Continue reading

Hard Times

  Is money a bit tight in your household? Is the recession sinking it’s teeth into your bank balance?   Here is a blog that may be able to help:   Frugal Kiwi… Continue reading

Is there a Ghost in Russell? Probably, yes!

New Zealand is probably the least spooky country I’ve ever been to. I have no trepidation walking through a dark wood. My heart does not beat that little bit faster if I have… Continue reading

27 degrees with a slight chance of Cicadas

The cicadas are back and they’ve been sorely missed. Soon it will be cricket season too and the houseflies will be planning to hold parties all over our kitchen. Except, this year, we have a… Continue reading