In New Zealand, you can go further north than Kerikeri, but not by much. It sits between Kawakawa and Mangonui on the Kerikeri inlet, which meanders into the stunning Bay of Islands. The warm subtropical winds sweep over the town, ripening oranges, kiwis, grapefruits and persimmons until the tree branches bow with their weight. The sun shines more often than not.

Some say that Kerikeri is the best place in the world. One couple searched the whole world for the best country to live in, and chose New Zealand. Then they searched the whole of New Zealand for the best town to live in, and chose… you guessed it.

So, is Kerikeri special? I’m new here – from the other side of the world – and I have still to decide. Through a pair of fresh eyes I will be documenting the little things that happen – good and bad, the people who live here, and the wider surroundings. Read on, and then make up your own mind. And, somewhere down the line, perhaps I will too.



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