GUEST POST: An Unexpected Rescue

Today’s post is a true story. The author, Klaus, comes from Germany and is now living in Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Both he and his Colombian wife, Adriana, are fighting to… Continue reading


(Published in Savvy Magazine, September 2014) I spent four years living in Switzerland, where I was shocked to discover that women were only given full voting rights in… wait for it… 1971 –… Continue reading

5 Astounding Places in the Far North

You may have stumbled across my rather pessimistic post about things to do in Kerikeri. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it here, but you need to get out of here to… Continue reading

Stormy Surprises

(Published in SAVVY Magazine, August 2014) In 1992, in a raging storm, a container filled with 28,000 rubber ducks fell into the Pacific Ocean. Even now, rubber ducks are still washing up on… Continue reading

Seeing Stars

(Published in Savvy Magazine, July 2014) The nearest I ever got to seeing a Milky Way in England was when I ventured into the chocolate aisle at the supermarket. If a meteor shower… Continue reading

Sandcastles and Cigarettes

(Published in Savvy Magazine, April 2014) European beaches are, admittedly, much better than they used to be. Back in the 80’s of my childhood, a standard sandcastle would be part sand, part cigarette… Continue reading

My Political Stalker

(Published in Savvy Magazine, March 2014) I lived in the UK for 35 years and, do you know, I never once met a Prime Minister. It makes sense, in a country of 63… Continue reading

CAUTION: Wicked Wekas

This is a guest blog about a relentless Weka (Maori Hen) attack experienced by the wonderful adventurer and sailor Klaus Kurz, who travelled the world and ended up settling in the beautiful Bay… Continue reading

‘Miss Russell’. Men Only

(published in Savvy Magazine, February 2014) They say most men would secretly like to dress as a woman at least once…  Last month, nine men seized the opportunity to do just that at… Continue reading

The Ultimate Beach Bum

(published in Savvy Magazine, November 2013) The dog appeared to be looking for someone. It stood one way and then the other, tongue gently lolling, eyes searching the beach. I wondered if he… Continue reading